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“From Photographer to Photo Artist: Master Black and White Photo Artistry and create the Most Exciting Creative Work of Your Life”.

Creative Black & White Course ~ Sebastian Michaels


PBA_The Art of Self Portraiture

“Create beautiful Photo Art … with nothing but your iPhone while exploring the exquisite world of Artistic Self-Portraiture”.

The Art of Self Portraiture ~ Susan Tuttle


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What if you could turn everyday into an Artistic Adventure?

Mobile Art Mastery ~ Susan Tuttle



Welcome to Quill and Camera with Sebastian Michaels, where we are going to explore creative photography, Photoshop, and Living the Photo Artistic Life …

Quill & Camera Blog ~ Sebastian Michaels



Non-Destructive Photoshop Techniques for Photo Artists


Access to the AWAKE Facebook Group is only available to folk who have subscribed to the Sebastian Michaels AWAKE Training Course. (Highly recommended)

AWAKE 2017


I recently stumbled across this awesome digital photography magazine called CLARITY. It is available in PDF Format, and also includes useful Video Tutorials.

Check out this link to Volume 1:


Though the Photographer’s Wall Display guides were originally developed for portrait photographers, it quickly became evident that these visualization tools are just as powerful for fine artists looking for a way to to show what their art would look like in various room views. Fine artists (and even galleries!) from around the world have used our room views to enhance everything from their Etsy storefronts to their own websites and printed brochures and other marketing materials. Helping potential clients visualize what a piece of art would look like on a wall is an important merchandising tool to increase wall art sales for all artist.

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Shift Art was launched on December 1st, 2015. The site is dedicated to highlighting Photoshop artists and their work with interviews, galleries and tutorials. The goal is to promote a new generation of artists using Photoshop as their main medium. To facilitate this, Shift Art offers a member’s only tutorial collection which includes tutorials by the featured artists.

Shift Art ~ Andre Tallent

21 Days

My journey with Sebastian Michaels. This is best summed up by those ten two letter words that make up a meaningful sentence, and I quote, “IF IT IS TO BE IT IS UP TO ME”.

Having initially signed up for the original Photoshop Artistry Grunge Course some three years ago, I was transformed from not knowing how to even spell Photoshop, to confidently finding my way around the application. Just when I thought I had received enough tutor-age from Sebastian, he would add yet another layer of Video Tutorials, Cheat Sheets, or useful Image Content into the mix. The course that keeps on giving…

When registration for the AWAKE Group was announced, I immediately jumped at the opportunity to be included with the first bunch of like-minded artists all seeking to build on our solid foundation, and be exposed to the requirements of building and living a truly Artistic Lifestyle. The constant encouragement received not only from Sebastian himself, but also from my valued and much appreciated fellow artists in the AWAKE Group has set my passion for the “creation of Photo-Art ablaze. AWAKE has taught me that a photographer can freeze a moment in time, but a true Photo-Artist can thaw that moment, and turn it into a fantasy world that will catapult you into the future.

But then why the need to register for “21 x Days to Creative Abundance”? Firstly, this three-week commitment is not for sissies. But if you commit yourself to the program, and truly act on the course content that you will be exposed to, then you will be well on your way to daily experiencing what it is like to be physically “Living a Meaningful and Truly Artistic Lifestyle”, and not just dreaming about it. Consider “21 x Days to Creative Abundance” as “rocket fuel” to propel you on your way towards your destined artistic future.

Above, are some of the amazing Courses / Workshops that I have personally subscribed to during the last two years. I can highly recommend them to anyone who aspires to become a successful Photo Artist.

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