My Tiny Studio ~ “Light”

Okay, so this is now becoming addictive!. Having just complained about my MUSE visiting me at odd early morning hours, I woke up yesterday after a solid nights sleep, and then suddenly the panic started to set in. I needed to create Art, but what? Did my MUSE get the message and will “she” come back? ~ (yes somehow I think I have a female MUSE ~ is that even possible?).

I decided to take a trip to the local China Mall and do some window shopping. You see, one can find anything at the China Mall, from headache tablets, to small Barbie outfits, and yes fish net stockings, to spark plug spanners, even the latest fad, namely those overpriced Fidget Spinners for kids who have forgotten how to entertain themselves. And all of these items packed tightly next to each other on the same shelf no larger than two feet wide. I knew that if I walked around long enough, something was bound to catch my attention. And then it happened! ~ Tucked away in an obscure corner of the tiny overstocked shop, a packet of twelve imitation light bulbs called out to me. As I bent down to secure my treasure, a young lass suggested that this was exactly what she was looking for, and gave me a huge smile in anticipation of me handing over the base concept for my next Tiny Studio project. I paused, and then asked her what she intended using them for, to which she responded, and I quote, “Oh, it’s for a party, and I want to use them for “shot glasses””. I suggested that she was far too young to drink, and I marched to the pay point with goods in hand and made a quick getaway “Possession is nine points of the law”.

Passers by stared at me as I stood outside the shop frozen with a dozen imitation light bulbs in hand, like a statue, pondering just how exactly I was going to bring this next project to life. And then it all came together. More shopping required. I needed puzzle pieces, not small ones, but bigger wooden ones. CHECK! ~ I needed some Christmas Lights. CHECK! ~ Spray paint. CHECK! ~ Black cardboard, CHECK! And oh yes, another 500x500x500mm cardboard box to house all the bits and pieces for my new project. And so the non-stop eighteen hour process began.

Why a “Behind the scenes” look?

I am a strong believer in not showing the “behind the scenes stuff” since it potentially removes the mystique behind the final Artwork, but again in this case, I believe that you will find it all rather fascinating, more so when I tell you that everything you see in the final Artworks was sourced, built, photographed, and then finally “digitally massaged” into forming the compositions. No additional external digital content was used at all, and this is how I would like to keep it for future “My Tiny Studio” projects, i.e. “virgin content” that has never been used by anyone else.

The Shopping List


As seen above, some of the various bits and pieces that I had to source for this project. The imitation light bulbs had "screw cap tops"
which enabled me to not only drill a small hole to feed the little Christmas Light through, but also add some strange liquid,
(but more about that later).

The Setup

Top Left Image shows a "clock dial" with a twist in the tale. As I was carrying in the various bits and pieces, I managed to dislodge the
"large clock" from the wall, and it came smashing to the ground falling into pieces. (Not the first time I might add). But since the 
clock no longer worked anyway, I decide to salvage the "clock face" and incorporate it into the composition.

And now for the story behind that "strange liquid". As I started capturing images of the final setup, I noticed that I was not getting 
enough "pop" from the light bulbs. I thought I would add some Methylated spirits to each bulb, but could not find any at the local shop. 
I then remembered that Anti-freeze used for motor vehicle radiators had a fluorescent glow, and promptly grabbed a bottle off the shelf. 
Two cap fulls added to each light bulb, and twenty minutes later I managed to eventually wipe the smile off my face as I knew this trick 
would make a huge difference to the final look and feel of the end result.

Camera gear and software applications used

  • All imagery was captured using my beloved Fuji XT1 with my Fujinon 40-150 lens and my Fujinon 10-24 Ultra Wide Angle lens.
  • As previously mentioned, the lighting I used was very basic DIY, but highly effective.
  • Photoshop cc 2017
  • Exposure X2
  • Aroura HDR
  • Manfrotto Tripod 055PROBX with 804RC2 swivel head
  • Ariana FalerniWall Display Collection
  • Auto FX Mystical Ultimate Suite 11 x Pack Bundle
  • RAWexchange Magic Brushes

This is no doubt the most challenging, time consuming, brain wracking, yet creative and rewarding Photo Artistry project that 
I have tackled to date. I am however having second thoughts about my MUSE, and how "she" feels about my recent complaints 
regarding those middle of the night visits. I take it all back, you are welcome to call whenever you see fit.

I trust that you have found the “Making of ~ Light” most informative and inspiring.

I am looking forward to sharing my next “My Tiny Studio” project with you soon.

The Final Composition


In conclusion

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