My Journey


My journey on the path towards “Living the Photo Artistic Life” only recently began when I started dabbling in photography, but I only truly understood this concept after graphically manipulating and combining my imagery to create a fantasy world that I could escape to.

In awakening my “artistic eye”, I now find myself seeing ordinary objects in the world around me as potential artistic puzzle pieces, just waiting to be captured, then carefully placed into position and massaged to form a new artistic composition.

My genre / artistic style could best be described as “Fantasy” with a dash of “Surrealism”.

In “Living the Photo Artistic Life” I welcome each and every new day, treating it as another opportunity to take a blank canvas and create something special and hopefully inspiring.

If I am able to capture the attention of the viewer of my Photo-Art compositions for just a few seconds, causing them to pause whilst they ponder my work, perhaps even raise a smile, then I would have achieved my objective.