The Making Of

I invite you to view the following Videos that I have created detailing the fascinating “Behind the Scenes” process that I followed to bring these compositions to life. You will find it rather interesting to see what one can create in a “cardboard box” measuring only 500x500x500mm in size.

Videos below are best viewed FULL SCREEN

Review the various options below for you to make a SECURE INVESTMENT in my Artwork(s) as listed below. These include procuring "Ready to Hang" high quality print and framed compositions which are currently available for delivery in the USA, Australia and South Africa.

USA based Art Enthusiasts are invited to connect with me on ArtBoja where you are be able to order Exquisite Curated prints of my PhotoArt to showcase on your walls. Material choices are available in Watercolor, Canvas, Acrylic and Brushed Metal. Delivery is currently only available in the USA, but will also be distributed to other geographic regions soon. ______________________________

Likewise, South African based Art Collectors are invited to connect with me on Digital Gallery where you will be able to make a sound investment in one or more of the 100 plus Artworks currently on display in this Gallery. Choose your preferred Framing Option and Size, confirm your secure On-Line Payment, and you will receive your “Ready to Hang” Investment within seven days delivered right to your front door

Art Collectors Down Under in Australia can connect with me on Artify. The entire infrastructure created by Artify is to optimise selling artwork on a variety of the highest-quality mediums, where we take care of the entire production process, including printing, packaging, and shipping. This reduces the artist work to simply uploading their pieces, sharing their profile pages, and most importantly collecting their profits.