My Love Affair with Melbourne


In October / November 2015, my wife Shirley and I took a month long vacation in Melbourne to visit our son Gareth, his wife Lynette, and our little grandson Hayden. Every day, bar one when we experienced some inclement weather, we jumped on a tram and a train, and began our photographic adventure. 

I guess you could consider "My Story" as a "Photographers Guide to shooting Melbourne". It is my hope that anyone wishing to do so, will find the following information both informative and useful. Where possible, I have included links to Wikipedia content for those folk who wish to learn more about any particular subject matter covered below. I have also tried to incorporate some interesting anecdotes conveyed to us by any of the tour guides, which I trust you will also enjoy. I also end my journey with a breakdown of the photographic kit and software used to process all the images included in this shoot.

Grab a cup of tea or coffee, or perhaps a glass of good wine. This could take a while as you work your way through "My Story"... In navigating the images below, be sure to click on any of the "grid images" to enlarge their size for better viewing.

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