Case Study

So exactly what will my Artwork look like on your specific wall?

So you have browsed my Portfolio, and you have selected a few of my Artworks that could potentially grace the walls of your Office or Home, but not sure which is the best option to choose.  Well, I have a solution for that too.

Yes, we can just collaborate on a small project which will entail you capturing an image of the proposed location you wish to hang my work in, pop that image to me in an eMail communication to athol @ photoartbyathol dot com, and I will prepare a simulated scene of My Art on Your Wall showing you exactly what the proposed images that you have expressed an interest in purchasing, will look like in your specific location.

So, where do we begin this process?

Simply follow these TWO easy steps:


I suggest that you start by grabbing your smartphone, or point and shoot camera, and navigate your home, looking for wall surfaces that would be screaming out for some decor. It does not have to be large open areas, in fact, sometimes small surfaces covered with a collection of small and different sized framed Wall Art can look beautiful too.

Focus on the following important points when creating your images:-

  • Position yourself perpendicular to your wall surface when capturing the image for the best combined end result, i.e. when I blend my Artworks with your 2 dimensional Wall captures.
  • Stand at a point which will allow you to capture as much of the wall surface as possible. This too will result in a more accurate and pleasing image once we bring it all together. A wide angel lens would be preferable, and it is for this reason that your smartphone would be more suited to capturing these images as opposed to a point and shoot camera.
  • For the best results, it is imperative that you capture these images at a time of the day when the room is at its most brightest, even though I will be able to manipulate your captures once I receive them. If at all possible, please refrain from using a flash on your camera, because this will give an unnatural view of the location.


  • To ensure that we recommend the most appropriate size for my Artwork on your Wall, it would great if you could communicate the exact size of any object in the scene to enable us calibrate the size of my framed Artwork with your captured image to ensure that we get the proportions absolutely correct. This could for example be the width of your dining room table, a couch or other piece of furniture. If there is no obvious object in the scene, simple stick a sheet of A4 paper onto the said wall to enable me to measure off that.



A snapshot of a typical client capture of a Wall Space they would like to enhance with two of my selected Artworks. In this particular case, the client sent me the floor to ceiling height as a reference measurement to enable me to scale the frame size accordingly. This image was captured a little later in the day, and thus it was a little darker than what I had hoped for.


My proposed Mock-up of the two Artworks the client is considering. My client was insistent on using “black frames”, but once I was able to show her that  they were too stark for the setting, she agreed to rather switch to white frames as shown in the final image below. This was a good example of how we were able to save our client money in using the Mock-up image of her setting to select the correct frame color for this specific environment.

In the Mock-Up scenario, I also added some sunlight from the “french window” which was present in the mid morning. This can be seen in the final installation image below.


An image capturing the final installation of my two framed Artworks, and once again, proof that the “white frames” were a much better choice at the end of the day. Another happy client.