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Aug 23
Entitled "No More Zebra Crossing ~ 01"

As the slaughter of our precious wildlife continues in our beautiful Nature Reserves, I could not help but wonder what difference I as an individual could make in combating this awful practice by these heartless poachers.

Aside from quitting my day job, and personally signing up to join an Anti-Poaching unit, the only other option I was really left with was to make that donation of small change to those dedicated folks who man a table in your local shopping mall, and for the most part seem invisible to all who pass bye.

But fortunately, and as a direct result of an Art Project initiated by my USA based Art Coach, namely Sebastian Michaels, I was able to find a more meaningful way in which to potentially make a more significant contribution to a very worthy cause.

I refer more specifically to the donation of two of my Artworks specifically created for “The Black Mambas” Anti-Poaching unit based in the Kruger National Park in South Africa. These Artworks have been well received by the marketing team who manage all the fund-raising campaigns for “The Black Mambas“. It is their intention to market these two works in their Curio Shops based in the Kruger National Park, and also incorporate the said works in their marketing communications as deemed appropriate.

Besides the fact that any proceeds raised as a result of the sale of prints via the various outlets will benefit the Anti-Poaching unit, I have also taken “the bull by the horns” (pun intended), and in so doing, I will also personally promote / market these two Artworks in my following two On-Line Galleries.

  • My ArtBoja Gallery which is a which is run by the US based company Artisan Color. The Artworks will be priced in US$ and are marketed to Art Collectors in the USA as “framed” and “ready to hang” on the prospective buyers wall.
  • I have done the same for the Design Gallery which is our local South African “ArtBoja” look-alike.

In both above cases, I will be donating 100% of my Artist Fee to “The Black Mambas” resultant from any revenue received on the sales of these two Artwork.

Entitled "No More Zebra Crossing ~ 02"


“No More Zebra Crossing ~ 02”

The core imagery, namely the Zebra’s, was captured by myself at the Rietvlei Nature Reserve just outside Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa last Saturday morning.  The balance of content which was added to the composites included further photographic imagery captured by myself, for example the “chess pieces” in “No More Zebra Crossing ~ 02”. This was intended to be a subtle suggestion that we should “stop playing games” with our wildlife, and hence the addition of the countdown from 11 too zero as depicted in the composition. In both cases, I have also referenced some skeletal remains drawing further attention to the tragic and senseless loss of our treasured wildlife.

“No More Zebra Crossing ~ 01”

The introduction of the blood stains in this composition was definitely included to add some form of “shock value” to the scene, but the mere fact that the Zebra remains standing, is an indication that it / we will not go down without a fight.

We need to stand together to and defend our helpless wildlife, because to consider the question, “can you remember when we still had zebra?” is just simply to heartbreaking to even contemplate.


Whilst I am not necessarily expecting you to run out and purchase one or both of these Artworks, it would be awesome if you could spread the work and in so doing, assist in protecting our precious wildlife who simply cannot defend themselves against these ruthless and heartless poachers.

All it takes is a “Like” or Twitter Re-post to make your contribution… Go on, it will only take a few seconds.



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