It doesn’t get better than this!!!

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Aug 23

The latest publication, namely Issue Number 28 for June 2017 of our “Living the Photo Artistic Life” magazine has just been published today, and yes, for me, it certainly doesn’t get better than this…

Earlier this month, one of my compositions, namely “Message in a Bottle” from the “My Tiny Studio” Series was selected by my “Photo Art Coach” Sebastian Michaels who promptly prepared and featured it as an actual Training Video Guide for our exclusive “KAIZEN GROUP” comprising 500 x World Class Digital Photo Artist located across the globe. What a huge honor this was for me!!!

Now, as if that wasn’t enough of a personal achievement for me, four of the ten compositions which constitute this particular “My Tiny Studio” Series have been featured on a “double page spread” in this months “Living the Photo-Artistic Life” Magazine. I cordially invite you to view them here

And if you have an interest in making a sound investment in one or more of my Art Works, I cordially invite you to browse my ArtBoja (USA Orders) and Digital Gallery (South African Orders) Portfolio’s where you will be able to collectively review in excess of 100 of my most recent works.

Another awesome issue, Sebastian and David! ~ So many beautiful images and a wonderful layout! And thank you so much once again for including these four compositions — I am truly blessed to be featured in the same company of so many talented fellow Artists.

And a special word of congratulations to Leslie Lamb Schrader-Fagnan  who was selected as this month’s Featured Artist and Front Cover slot.

And hey, if this field of Creating Digital Art interests you, why not take the plunge, and start learning how to create beautiful imagery just like the ones in this magazine by Registering on the Sebastian Michaels “Photoshop Artistry Grunge Course” just like I did almost four years ago.


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